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Citing Sources: Citing motion pictures, tv shows, radio broadcasts and interviews

A guide to citing sources in MLA, APA, and Chicago format.

Citing Motion Pictures, TV Programs

Motion Pictures
In the Reference List
Keaton, Buster, dir. 1927. The General. Joseph M. Schenck. DVD, Allied Artists,
In-text Citation
(Keaton 1927)
Television Programs
In the Reference List
The Big Bang Theory. 2007. "The Dumpling Paradox," directed by
Mark Cendrowski. Season 1, episode 7. Aired November 5 on CBS. DVD, Warner Home Video.
In-text Citation
(The Big Bang Theory 2007)
  • Instead of using the parenthetical citations illustrated above for television and radio programs, you can integrate the in-text citation into a sentence:
Sheldon's insensitivity to the needs of others is highlighted in "The Dumpling Paradox" (CBS, November 5, 2007).

Citing Radio Broadcasts and Interviews

Radio Broadcasts
In the Reference List
Planet Money. 2014. "When Innocent People Go to Prison, States Pay," by Gabrielle Emanuel. Aired June 16 on NPR.
In-text Citation
(Planet Money 2014)
In the Reference List
Norman, Jessye. 2014. Interview by Charlie Rose. Charlie Rose, June 15. Accessed June 20, 2014.
In-text Citation
(Norman 2014)