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Citing Sources: Citing, websites, online videos, blog posts, and tweets

A guide to citing sources in MLA, APA, and Chicago format.

Citing Websites, Blog Posts, and Social Media

 Websites in the Reference List
Pima Community College. 2014. "Chancellor's Recognition
Rose, Shana. 2014. "Multi-talented Student Works Multimedia."
Websites In-text Citations
(Pima Community College 2014)
(Rose 2014)
  • If there is no author identified, use the publisher or title of the website.
  •  If the publication date or last modified date is uknown, only include accessed date.
Blog Posts
Blog post in the Reference List
Nicholas, Brian. 2014. "Spring Sapsucker Surprise." Tucson Audubon
Society (blog), April 3. Accessed June 17, 2014.
Blog post In-text Citation
(Nicholas 2014)
Twitter and Facebook
Twitter and Facebook are usually only cited in the text of your paper.
Twitter and Facebook In-Text Citation
(Barack Obama, Twitter post, June 12, 2014 [10:23 p.m.], accessed June 19, 2014,
(Pima CC Library,  Facebook page, May 19, 2014 [11:49 a.m.], accessed June 1, 2014,
Twitter and Facebook in the Reference List
Obama, Barack. 2014. Twitter post. Accessed June 19, 2014.

Citing Online Videos

Online Videos (including those from a library database)
Videos in the Reference List
"Burning Candles: The Life of Edna St. Vincent
Perry, Katy. "Roar" (music video). Directed by Grady Hall and Mark
Vogue. “Alexander Wang - Vogue Voices” (YouTube video). Posted
April 3, 2013. Accessed June 17, 2014.
Videos In-Text Citations
(Burning Candles 2009, 2:38)
(Perry 2014)
(Vogue 2013)