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Pima Community College Library Newsletter: April 2024

Library Newsletter

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Featured This Issue - April 2024

Image: "our laptops are changing their image" graphic

The laptops and iPads that we lend out to students are getting an internal makeover! Pima IT is working on reimaging the computers. This means that some of the old restrictions are being removed and you’ll have more control over what you are able to download onto the computer! The downside is that we need to get all of our computers back so that they can be reimaged this summer. 

After this semester ends in May, we’re asking all students to return their devices to a campus library by May 23rd. If you are taking summer classes, we will switch out your device with one that has the new image. If you won’t be back until fall, you’ll be able to come to a campus library 10 days before the semester starts to check out a computer.

Note: West Campus will be closed for renovations for the month of July, so if you are returning a computer after May or trying to pick up a computer for the second part of summer classes, you’ll need to go to a different campus. 


Asian American and Pacific Islander Resources 

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! Join us in recognizing and celebrating the art, literature, and cultures this month.

Click on the books to see availability!

ImagE: book cover: The best we could do : an illustrated memoir / Thi Bui
Image: book cover Crying in H Mart : a memoir / Michelle Zauner
Image: book cover: Tatau : a cultural history of Samoan tattooing
Image: Book cover: Photo-essays about Asian American women in Life magazine 1936 to 1965 : hidden narratives and breaking stereotypes / Karen L. Ching Carter
Image: book cover: Asian American history / Huping Ling
Image: book cover: My life : growing up Asian in America / edited by CAPE, the coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment ; with an introduction by SuChin Pak
ImagE: book cover: Where we once belonged / Sia Figiel
Image: book cover Good talk : a memoir in conversations / Mira Jacob
Image: Visit our Asian American and Pacific Islander guide for more resources
Image: book cover Minor feelings : an Asian American reckoning / Cathy Park Hong
Image: book cover Go home! / edited by Rowan Hisayo Buchanan ; foreword by Viet Thanh Nguyen
Image: book cover Central places : a novel / Delia Cai
Image: book cover Yellow peril! : an archive of anti-Asian fear / edited and introduced by John Kuo Wei Tchen and Dylan Yeats
Image: book cover The bandit queens : a novel / Parini Shroff
Image: book cover When you trap a tiger / Tae Keller
Image: book cover From a whisper to a rallying cry : the killing of Vincent Chin and the trial that galvanized the Asian American movement / Paula Yoo
Image: 	Weavers of song : Polynesian music and dance / Mervyn McLean

Celebrate all things Library and Literary!

April poetry and library month

It’s the season to celebrate libraries, stories, poems, books, writers and more. Are you a poet? An author? Do you dream of one day seeing your work on the shelf in the library? Check out our Guides on Writing and Publishing, Poetry, and Creative Nonfiction or watch a recording of one of our popular author talks below for inspiration:

Library Comings and Goings

Join us in saying hello to our new staff members and farewell to our recent retiree!

Image: Rhiannon Thacker, new northwest library staff

Rhiannon - Northwest Campus Library Service Specialist

I have worked in the past as a FWS Student Aide here at the NW library, and as a tech prior to
becoming a specialist. I love helping people, especially students. I'm not currently enrolled in
anything but I've taken courses in fashion + visual design, as well as medical and health
technology, however I really love the library environment the most so far, as I grew up very into
both reading and writing. I have 3 dogs, and in my spare time I like to draw/paint, read, and play
video games.

Image: Sarah Thomas new staff at East Campus Library

Sarah - East Campus Library Services Technician

I started as a student aide here at east campus library. I love my tech position! I enjoy
processing our library materials, supporting students and staff, and it also allows me to be
creative on social media, and with our many displays and events. It is a great place to work!

Image: Mabel Ersch, congratulations on Retirement

Congratulations on your retirement Mabel!

Mabel worked at Pima for 30 years, 8 at our Library Technical Services department and 22 at the East Campus Library!! Her favorite part of the job was the interaction with the students, faculty, and community users. She loved working together with the library staff to make sure students and patrons received the best service possible. Being part of the East Campus Library team ensured continuing service to one another and the pima community.  Mabel and her husband Gene plan to travel, explore and enjoy this next chapter of life which will also include Tai Chi, a little more golfing, and time with the girls, their kitties, Lana and Ellie.

Earth Day in the Library

Looking for Earth Day inspiration this April 22nd? Check out the Library's resources to see what you can do!

Click on the books to see availability!

Book cover: Sustainability made simple : small changes for big impact / Rosaly Byrd and Laure+n DeMates
Book cover: The water recycling revolution : tapping into the future / William M. Alley and Rosemarie Alley
Book cover: Living the 1.5 degree lifestyle : why individual climate action matters more than ever / Lloyd Alter
Book cover: Cool food : erasing your carbon footprint one bite at a time / Robert Downey Jr. & Thomas Kostigen
Book cover: No-waste kitchen gardening : regrow your leftover greens, stalks, seeds, and more / Katie Elzer-Peters
Book cover: 	Zero waste : simple life hacks to drastically reduce your trash / Shia Su
Book cover: 	Sustainability : what everyone needs to know / Paul B. Thompson and Patricia E. Norris
Book cover: How to change everything : the young human's guide to protecting the planet and each other / Naomi Klein ; with Rebecca Stefoff
Book cover: Simply sustainable : moving toward plastic-free, low-waste living / Lily Cameron
Book cover: Can I recycle this? : a guide to better recycling and how to reduce single-use plastics / Jennie Romer ; illustrated by Christie Young
Book cover: Wear, repair, repurpose : a maker's guide to mending and upcycling clothes / Lily Fulop
Book cover: Sustainable Badass : A Zero-Waste Lifestyle Guide
Book cover: Upcycle your wardrobe : 21 sewing projects for unique, new fashions
Book cover: The pet poo pocket guide : how to safely compost and recycle pet waste / Rose Seemann

Programs, Events and Displays

Downtown Campus Library Happenings

Click on the images to enlarge


Image: flyer - Graduation cap decorating at DC campus 5/13 - 5/17

You're invited! Join Downtown Campus Library 5/13 through 5/17 for graduation cap decorating!

Image: flyer - Exam Jam activities in the downtown Learning Commons May 6-10

Finals got you stressed? Join Downtown Campus for Exam Jam May 6th through 10th. 


Desert Vista Campus Library Happenings

Click on the images to enlarge


Image: Join Desert Vista Library April 22nd to make upcycled wreaths

Join Desert Vista Library April 22nd to make upcycled wreaths! 

12pm - 1:50pm 

Image: Join Desert Vista Library for coffee in the library Tuesday and Thursday 9am-12pm

Join Desert Vista Library for coffee in the library Tuesday and Thursday 9am-12pm

Image flyer: Graduation Cap Decorating in Desert Vista Library April 29th 12- :50pm

Graduate in Style!

Join the Desert Vista Library for graduation cap decoration April 29th at 12pm. 

East Campus Library Events

Click images to enlarge flyers

Image: flyer - May the Fourth East Campus events

May the Force be with you! Join East Campus and the Library for a day of fun and all things Star Wars!

Thursday May 2nd, 9am-2pm

East Campus Makerspace

Click images to enlarge

Image: visit the East Campus Library Makerspace today!

Visit the Makerspace Guide for more information on technologies and events!

Northwest Campus Library Events

Click images to enlarge flyers

Image: flyer - Northwest Campus Library presents Pet a Pup

Visit Northwest Campus for our "Pet a Pup" events! Check in the with Northwest Campus Library for more information!

West Campus Library Happenings

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Image: West Campus Library summer closure, starting July 8th for 4 weeks.

Distance Education Library

PimaOnline Newsletter Link

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