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Creative Nonfiction: Get Started

Resources and research tips for the field of Creative Nonfiction.

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Craft & Criticism Defined

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CRAFT is the process of shaping a creative work. Resources on craft reveal the techniques and artistic skills writers utilize in the creation of a work. 

CRITICISM is the process of analyzing a work for its artistic or intellectual merits. It often involves scholarly research.

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Welcome to Your Creative Nonfiction Guide!

Welcome to the PCC guide on Creative Nonfiction! Creative Nonfiction (also known as Literary Nonfiction or Narrative Nonfiction) involves writing true stories using fiction and poetry techniques. In this guide you'll find resources on both the craft and the criticism of Creative Nonfiction (for definitions of these terms, see the box labeled "Craft & Criticism Defined") from a variety of sources, including references, books, articles, videos, and websites. Check out the tabs above to locate these resources.

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How to Write Descriptively

Writer Nalo Hopkinson explains why descriptive writing is an essential skill in this animated video.

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Creative Nonfiction Basics

If you're new to Creative Nonfiction (or just need a refresher), these articles explore some of the basic Creative Nonfiction concepts. 

Guide created by the one and only MLIS intern Jessica "Jessi" Galanter in the Fall 2023 semester.