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Faculty Library Resources: Faculty FAQs


How long does a library instruction session last? It’s up to you and the needs of your class. A librarian can work with you and your class for single session or multiple sessions.  

How do I schedule a library session?

Schedule through the Library Instruction Request form or you can contact the library instruction leads through phone, email, and at the physical campuses: 

  • Sol Gomez, Desert Vista Library Department Head

    • email:

    • phone: 206-5090

    • Office: DV LB F 203

  • Keith Rocci, Distance Education Library Department Head

    • email:

    • phone: 206-2384

    • office: NW 226

  • Emily Besich, Downtown Campus Library Department Head

    • email:

    • phone: 206-7250

    • office: DC LB 130 

  • Chuck Becker, East Campus Library Department Head

    • email:

    • phone: 206-7656

    • office: EC L 143

  • Monique Rodriguez, Northwest Campus Library Department Head

    • email:

    • phone: 206-2239

    • office: NW B 316

  • Chris Schipper, West Campus Library Department Head

    • email:

    • phone: 206-3036

    • office: WC C318

Book early to ensure your preferred time and date! If you have any questions, please directly contact the Library Department Heads at your desired campus.

How do I access library resources?

  • When on-campus, go to or through the library tab in MyPima.

  • *When off-campus, you must login through MyPima with your MyPima login and password  and select the library tab. 

How do I check out library materials? Check out books, DVDs, and more with your PCC employee ID.

How do I put course material on Reserve? If you would like to place a book on Reserve, we need your cooperation in the following ways:


  1. Fill out the online Course Reserve Form:

    1. Desert Vista Campus Online Course Reserve Form (please visit in person)

    2. Downtown Campus Online Course Reserve Form (please visit in person)

    3. East Campus Online Course Reserve Form (please visit in person)

    4. Northwest Campus Online Course Reserve Form

    5. West Campus Online Course Reserve Form (please visit in person)

  2. ​Bring the material to any campus library Circulation Desk (if no online form is available, you can fill out the "Reserve Form" when you bring the material in). Your personal copy, or copies, will be returned to you when removed from Reserve status.


  • The library cannot be held responsible for damaged, overdue, lost or stolen items that have been placed on Reserve
  • Bring your items in before the semester starts to be sure they will be ready on the first day of classes!  

What’s a Research Guide, and how do I get one?

We have created subject and course guides on everything from Archeology to Writing to help your students become experts in research.  You can browse them from the following link:

Tell us how we can customize a Research Guide for you by contacting your campus Library Department Head: