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Faculty Library Resources: Library Resources

Library Resources

The College library databases contain materials that may be used for academic purposes under the rights purchased by the College.  Faculty may provide students with access to the database materials by providing the students with a direct link to the material.

Images, Music, Video

The Library subscribes to article databases, but also streaming video, image and music databases. These resources can be used in your classes without requesting permission; the Library has paid the licensing fees with our subscriptions. You can explore the different multimedia databases at:

Course Reserves

If the College library owns a copy of a work, the library may place that copy on reserve without obtaining copyright permission. If the library wishes to reproduce additional copies of that work and place them on reserve for students to review, in either paper or electronic format, the library must obtain copyright permission. Instructors are responsible for obtaining permission, if required, for placing non-library materials on reserve.

The library must display a copyright notice in any area where library users scan/make copies.

Photocopying and Digital Reproduction in Libraries

It is permissible to photocopy copyright-protected works in a College library without obtaining permission from the copyright owner under the following circumstances. In each instance, the necessary copyright notices and credits must be included on the photocopy. Digital reproductions may be available only on the library computer system but must not be placed on any public network.

  • Archival reproductions of unpublished works: Up to three reproductions of any unpublished work may be made for preservation or security or for deposit for research use in another library or archive.
  • Replacement of lost, damaged or obsolete copies: The College’s library may make up to three reproductions, including digital reproductions, of a published work that is lost, stolen, damaged, deteriorating or stored in an obsolete format.

Additional questions or concerns about copyright? Contact your campus library.