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Faculty Library Resources: Providing Notice to Students

Providing Notice to Students

Faculty are responsible for making students aware of copyright issues. The following Notice to Students should be placed:

  1. On the first page that students see when they log into D2L
  2. Prominently in the course syllabus
  3. Prominently in the course reading list if it is a separate document from the syllabus.

Notice to Students: Using Copyrighted Materials

Most of the instructional materials you will use in this course are copyright protected. Unless you buy the materials, you cannot download or copy them without the written permission of your instructor or the publisher of the materials.
That includes websites you visit when completing assigned course work. Websites usually contain copyright protected material. Your visit to a website cannot include unauthorized downloading or copying, or attempts to bypass any security on the site or any payment system on the site.
There are serious penalties for the unauthorized copying or downloading of copyright protected materials. If you aren’t sure whether you can copy or download materials, please ask your instructor or a librarian.