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HUM 131 - Mythology -Downtown (Bagheri): Images

Adapted from Kris Swank's guide for Dr. Goli Bagheri's Downtown section


ArtSTOR has high quality art images from museums around the world. 

If you create a register for an account, you can save images to a group and then easily download them to PowerPoint. it is extremely slick.


Register for your account

  • Click Register (upper right)
  • Fill out the form
  • Role: College/University undergraduate student
  • Click Register.  
  • If needed, log in.

Find images

  • Search.
  • Click a thumbnail.
  • Click Add to Group (upper right)
  • Click Add item (below).  Give it a title. Click Create.
  • Repeat for other images. Add them to your group.

Output images to Power Point

  • Click the ARTstor logo (top)
  • Click Browse | Groups
  • Open your group
  • Click Export | PowerPoint
  • Your PowerPoint opens with the images. Save it, then save it to a flash drive or attach it to an email. Notice all the textual information below the image in the Notes pane.

Incorporating and Citing Images in MLA Style

  • Get the citation
    • Click an image 
    • Click Cite This Item
    • Copy the MLA citation
    • Paste it in your list of Works Cited.
      • Claude Monet. Windmill and Boats near Zaandam, Holland. 1871. Artstor,
  • Insert the image with a caption


Google Images

Overall, ARTstor should be your first choice for images.

If you use Google, you must take the images from the original pages, not from the preview in Google. This way you can get contextual information about the image. And you can evaluate the credibility of the page.


Google Images

  • Do a search
  • Click an image, and the detail view appears
  • Underneath the image is the name of its page.
  • Click Visit.
  • Extract the information you need about the image.  If there isn't much info, find another page.
  • You can save the image from the page or from Google
  • Make an MLA citation for the image.
  • Insert a shortened citation below the image in PowerPoint