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HUM 131 - Mythology -Downtown (Bagheri): Explore topics

Adapted from Kris Swank's guide for Dr. Goli Bagheri's Downtown section

Browse for deities


  • Wikipedia is an uneven source, so take it with a grain of salt. However, it is very useful for exploring a topic. 
  • Don't cite Wikipedia. If Wikipedia cites a source for an interesting fact, you may be able to find that original source. If you evaluate the source as being credible, you can cite it yourself.

Good pages to browse

"List of deities by classification." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, 28 Sep. 2022. Archived 4 Oct. 2022.

"Lists of deities by cultural sphere." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 28 Sep. 2022. Archived 4 Oct. 2022.

"List of Goddesses." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, 17 Oct. 2022. Archived 20 Oct. 2022. 

Gale eBooks

UXL Encyclopedia of World Mythology, vol. 4, UXL, 2009. Gale eBooks.

  • Use this to explore the basics of a particular mythology.
  • Use the search box in the UPPER RIGHT. Try search for Mythology.
  • This is not a college level source, but it can be useful in exploring the basics of various mythologies. Once you find something of interest, you can seek academic sources.

Gale eBooks

  • Search for overview articles in hundreds of published encyclopedias on all subjects.
  • It is like Wikipedia, only smaller and more credible.