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HUM 131 - Mythology -Downtown (Bagheri): MegaSearch: academic articles

Adapted from Kris Swank's guide for Dr. Goli Bagheri's Downtown section




Get started

1. This opens in Advanced Search mode

2. Enter a term for your main topic. Click Search.

  • "Ahura Mazda"  Put multiple-word phrases in quotes
  • Tip: Gather all alternative names for your god together using the operator OR.
  • "Ahura Mazda" OR Hormazd OR Hormozd OR Hurmuzd

3. In the left column, under Limit to:  check this box:

Scholarly journals (peer reviewed)

Now, all your results will be high quality academic articles.


Refine your search

  • Add a focus concept in the 2nd search box. Click Search.
    • symbols
  • Look at your search results.



  • If one of your concepts is not jumping out at you, try focusing this concept using special fields
    • Click the pulldown menu (right of the search box).
    • Select AB Abstract (to find results where this concept is found in the abstract or summary).
    • OR Select TI Title or SU Subject.


Get the article and email it, with a citation.

  • Full text links are to the left of the article's title (upper left).
  • Email full text to yourself.
    • Open the full record of the article
    • Click the Email icon (an envelope, in the right column)
    • Enter your Email.
    • An MLA citation will be sent by default. You can select Chicago style. Use the pulldown.

MegaSearch screenshots