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WRT 101 - Northwest - Writing I: Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues Research

Use the online article databases (below) to find recent articles about your topic.

Controverisial Issues Databases:

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

  • Its informed, differing views present each side of an issue and help students develop information literacy, critical thinking skills, and the confidence to draw their own valid conclusions.

Dust Bowl 1936  Student Project, Vintage Collection: Dust Bowl, 1936.

Points of View Reference Center

  • Points of View is designed to assist researchers in understanding the full scope of controversial subjects with thousands of supporting articles from the world’s top political and societal publications.

Newspaper, Journal & Article Databases for Environmental Research:

Academic Search Premier  *****

Search tips:

  • Try improving your search results by...
    • Placing exact phrases in quotes.  Ex:  "endangered species"
    • Searching multiple terms at the same time.  Ex:  "endangered species" AND "global warming"
    • Using the Subject (Thesaurus Terms) from your initial search results to narrow and focus your next search results

GreenFile  *****

Search tips:

  • If the resulting articles seem too complicated, use the "Narrow Results by - Source Types" option at left, and select "Magazines"

  • Search tip:  Select the Advanced Search feature, then click on the Full Text limiter ir order to get full text articles!

Research Library (ProQuest)

Search tips:

  • Within your initial seach results, refine your search by using the "Suggested Topics" or by "Source Type" (scholarly journals, magazines, etc.)


Newspaper Databases

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