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WRT 101 - Northwest - Writing I: Arguments & Persuasion


An argument or persuasive essay allows you to investigate a topic that is open to discussion and debate

1. Collect, generate, and evaluate evidence

2. Establish a position on the topic

3. Use your most convincing evidence to support your position

Current Conversations

In most cases, you will choose a "hot" topic or current conversation which is being examined in society, debated in the media, or even discussed within your own profession.

What TOPIC are you going to research?


A. Sports medicine and concussions
B. Small business management and COVID-19
C. Law enforcement and facial recognition software

Your instructor may ask you to argue a specific POINT-OF-VIEW, such as--


Point-of-view C1 - The government can use whatever means necessary to protect the country from terrorists, even if that means using facial recognition software to monitor the movements of private citizens.

Point-of-view C2 - Individual privacy is paramount in a "free" country, so government use of facial recognition software is a violation of human rights. 

Your Librarian

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1. Locate Resources

Here are some places to EXPLORE "HOT" TOPICS --

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2. Collect Background Information & Recent News

Use these databases to collect reliable, credible BACKGROUND INFORMATION about your topic