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Welcome to the Library: Northwest Campus Library

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About Northwest Campus Library

The Northwest library location is a full service library for both the public and students. With four study rooms and plenty of furniture nooks, there is room for everyone to relax and work in the library. Computers are available and it is conveniently located one floor above the tutors!

Kris Swank, Campus Library Department Head

Kris Swank has been the Northwest Campus Library Dept. Head since 2009, and before that was a Librarian at West Campus. She teaches in the Honors program at Pima, and online for the Language and Literature program at Signum University. She has also taught business communications for NAU. She's currently working on a PhD in J.R.R. Tolkien.

Monique Rodriguez, Librarian

Monique has been an Education Support Faculty Librarian at Pima since 2010. She holds two advanced degrees: MLIS and an MS. Every day opportunities to work with students, faculty, staff and library colleagues are valuable components of her work. In addition to her academic library experience, she has a background in public librarianship, school librarianship, health science librarianship, archives (Southwest U.S. and Arizona history), and secondary education teaching. 

Casey Aldava, Library Services Specialist


Casey has been at the Northwest library since 2021. She used to work at the U of A libraries in Special Collections and is also a UA alum. She loves working in academic settings and learning new things, and when she's not working, she's reading anything she can get her hands on or watching alien documentaries. Her hobbies include candle-making and amateur pet photography. 

Northwest Campus Library


7600 N. Shannon Rd., B-304, Tucson, AZ 85709-7330

Library Furniture

The NW Library offers a relaxing environment with comfortable furniture for our public areas. We surveyed students to identify their library furniture preferences and we studied the ways groups utilized the different spaces of the NW library. We used this data to create areas with:

  • modular, movable furniture
  • collaborative spaces
  • more technology and power outlets
  • quiet study spaces

Technology & Study Rooms

Incorporating technology into our four study rooms has contributed to increased usage by students.

  • The Blue study room has a SmartBoard.
  • The Lilac study room has a Google Box with TV monitor.
  • The Peach study room has a SmartBoard.
  • The Pearl study room has an interactive TV that can mirror a laptop display or be used in presentations.

We also offer iPads, laptops, graphing calculators, virtual reality cube, a Flip Video camera, charging cords for Apples and Androids, and a digital camera for students to check out.


Northwest library also houses the ASL for students taking ASL in room B303.


Lupita Garcia, Library Services Specialist


Lupita has been with Pima since 2011 and began her PCC Library role in 2017. Working in the Library has been amazing for Lupita. She loves being surrounded by books and by the people who read them. When she's not "Lupita---the Library Services Specialist", she is a mom to a growing boy, a Husky, and an Akita. Tucson has been her home since birth and she enjoys climbing rocks, napping, drinking coffee, eating, and having adventures with her little family. 

Brad Comden, Library Technician

Brad has been a Library Tech at Pima since 2021. He previously worked for a public library system in South Bend, Indiana. He loves assisting students with technology and troubleshooting questions, as well as nerding out by recommending various favorite fiction, manga, and fantasy books. In his downtime, Brad loves to read, swim, cook, longboard, play video games, and play with his two adorable cockatiels, Lilo and Stitch.