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Reading Challenges: POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2023

Reading Challenges


Why do you read? No matter your motivation — relaxation, distraction, entertainment — the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge is a great way for you to expand your horizons and, who knows, maybe even discover a new favorite subgenre.

For this ninth iteration of the challenge, we're subtly leaning into the nostalgia all around us. From Y2K fashion (TW: low rise jeans) to reboots and the resurgence of the film camera, it's no secret that trends of the past are now of the moment. With prompts like "A book you should have read in high school," "A book set in the decade you were born," and "A book you wish you could read for the first time again," you'll be on your way down memory lane.

Whether this is your first time taking the challenge or you've been with us since the beginning, the goal of the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge is for you to have fun and diversify your reading. There are no "rules"! (Written Content from

Take the Challenge today! We've listed below a small assortment out of the many prompts available with the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge. Click on the book images to link to our catalog to request the books that interest you. All books are available throughout Pima Community College Libraries.


Download the printable list here!

Click on image below to go to the PDF printable list

A Celebrity Memoir

A Book With A Song Lyric as its Title

A Book Based on a Popular Movie

A Book with "Girl" in the Title

A Book About Divorce

A Book That's Been Banned or Challenged in any State in 2022

A Modern Retelling of a Classic

A Book With a Color in the Title