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Reading Challenges: Decolonize Your Bookshelf 2023

Reading Challenges

From the online book boutique Paperbacks and Frybread

This challenge is a great way to encourage people to read books by authors from historically excluded groups and to broaden their perspectives. It can also help to promote understanding, and empathy and to challenge stereotypes and biases.


A North American indigenous author

An Indigenous memoir

A story from Africa

BIPOC children’s author

A story about mental health

Complete Challenge

A non-fiction narrative about racism

A queer romance

BIPOC poetry

Queer children’s author

A Latine / LatinX author

An Afro-Futurism story

A Middle Eastern author

A South Asian author

An Afro-American author

A non-colonial historical story

BIPOC middle grade

A neurodivergent protagonist