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Reading Challenges: Reading Women Challenge 2021

Reading Challenges

It’s time for the 2021 Reading Women Challenge! Reading challenges are a great way to read outside your comfort zone—and you get to do it with other bookish friends! The 2021 challenge officially begins January 1, 2021 and ends December 31, 2021.

Here’s the rundown: complete as many challenges as you can from the list below. If you have one book that covers two categories (or more!), feel free to count it for both. It's not a contest. Our goal is to encourage you to read widely (and fight the patriarchy, but that was probably a given), so just have fun with it!

This year, we’re focusing on reading international authors (authors from countries other than your own). We’re also encouraging participants to read books by trans women and people of other marginalized genders who are comfortable being included in feminine-coded initiatives.

Be sure to share your progress by using the hashtag #ReadingWomenChallenge. Need some recommendations? Scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of resources and a link to our Goodreads group.

(Content from:

Cookbooks by Women of Color

A Crime Novel or Thriller that has been Translated

Books by Trans Authors

Authors from Eastern Europe

Poetry by Black Women

Covers Designed by Women

Books About Incarceration

Young Adult Novels by a Latinx Author