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WRT 101S - Desert Vista -Evaluating Resources: Evaluating News Sources

Six Questions to Consider: Is the Media/News Trustworthy

Adapted from (Tom Rosensteil)

1.  TYPE:  What is the type of content?

      Is it a news story, editorial, opinion, ad, or reaction to someone's else's writing?

2.  SOURCE:  Who and what are the sources cited and why should I believe them?

      "The key question is, how to they know?  If it's not clear, you should be more skeptical."

3.  EVIDENCE:  What's the evidence and how was it vetted?

4.  INTERPRETATION:  Is the main point of the piece proven by evidence?

5.  COMPLETENESS:  What's missing?

6.  KNOWLEDGE:  Am I learning every day what I need?

Spot Fake News

How to spot fake news



What exactly is fake news?  The Merriam-Webster article below ("The Real Story of 'Fake' News" ) may give you a more comprehensive view and give you an idea of how long this term has been around.  

What Makes a News Story Fake

Image credit: KT Lowe, Indiana University East Library