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CAD 157 - Downtown (Grede) Introduction to Site Development Drafting and Design: Alternative Transportation


Alternative transportation – Enabled by technology (A-)

  • From the website, Making Cities Safer.
  • Strategies

Is urban cycling worth the risk? (B-)

  • From FT (Financial Times), a newspaper from the U.K.
  • Infographics on dangers and risks
  • Expects the benefits on life expectancy outweigh the risks

Urban Design - Bike Lanes (B)

  • A Pinterest site with articles, photos, and infographics (bit of a pain if you don't log in)
  • Ideas for how bikes have been integrated into cities

Sprawl Costs the Public More Than Twice as Much as Compact Development (B-)

  • From StreetsBlog USA
  • Infographic and breaks down the cost comparison

The amount of space required to transport... (C)

  • Compares city space needed for bus or bike vs. cars

Shared Bus-Bike Lane (B)

  • From NACTO: National Association of City Transportation Officials