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CAD 157 - Downtown (Grede) Introduction to Site Development Drafting and Design: Google site search

Search within a web site

1. Start with the web site to search


2. In Google, paste in the URL. Then replace https:// with site:

  • Search this.  Google will list all 5,220 pages on the LEED site.


3. Now add your keywords to this search.

4. Google now finds all 192 pages from this web site that contain all your words.

Why use Google site search?

1. Google site search often works better than using a web site's own search box.

  • Why?  Google know which pages are commonly used.  So it puts those at the top.

2. Many web sites have no search box at all!

3. Once you learn Google's system, you don't waste time figuring out other search boxes.