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CAD 157 - Downtown (Grede) Introduction to Site Development Drafting and Design: MegaSearch: articles!

What can your find?

1. Articles from magazines and professional journals--millions.

2. eBooks

3. Books and DVDs  to checkout

4. Online videos

Email yourself any article for free, along with an MLA or APA citation.

MegaSearch: for Journal Articles and more


* Open MegaSearch (it opens in Advanced Search mode).

Try searching one concept at a time.  Check your results, then add another for focus.

* Enter your main topic in the top box.                                     Example: "site development"

* Focus your search: add another concept in the 2nd box.    Example: LEED

* Focus again.  Add another concept in the 3rd box.            Example:  stormwater

You can filter your results by FORMAT (scroll down in the left margin):

  • Magazines = easier to read
  • Academic journals = written by experts for other experts.
  • Video = includes online videos and DVDs