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CAD 157 - Downtown (Grede) Introduction to Site Development Drafting and Design: Google basics

Basic search tips

Search for:  [A single word]

Google finds: All pages that contain the word

2.7 million pages

Google search: brownfield. 2.7 million results


Search for: [Two words]

Google finds: All pages that contain BOTH words--in any order, anywhere in the page.

882,000 pages     Of the 2.7 million brownfield pages, only 882,000 also contain the word LAWS.

Google search: brownfield laws. 900,000 results


Search for: [A phrase within "quotation" marks]

Google finds: All pages that contain that EXACT phrase--the words together in that order.

2,750 pages   When you add quotes, you always get fewer pages

Google search: "brownfield laws"


When should I use quotes?


If your words must be found together, then use quotes.

    • "rock n roll"
    • "to be or not to be"
    • "site development"

If your words are often found together, but not always, then don't use quotes.

    • wastewater drainage
    • LEED credits
    • tucson government

However, when you find too many irrelevant web pages, redo your search.  Put phrases in quotes.