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HIS 101 - Online - Introduction to Western Civilization: Selected Websites

Selected Websites

Some of these websites contain scholarly writings and links to primary documents.  Others are gateways linking to additional sites useful to your research.

Evaluating Websites

Websites listed on this page are credible sources, but what if you find a different site?  How do you know it is credible?

Consider the following five criteria:

1.  Accuracy - Is the information correct?

2.  Authority - What are the author's credentials?

3.  Coverage - Is the content covered comprehensively?

4.  Currency - Is the information current?

5.  Purpose - Is the content biased?

Download a CRAAP test worksheet here.

If you're not certain, ask a librarian!

Acropolis from Pnyx, Athens, Greece

view of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece

Image courtesy of Image Quest