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HIS 101 - Online - Introduction to Western Civilization: Get Started with Reference

Reference Online

Encyclopedias can be a great starting place -- they provide facts and an overview of a topic. They also list books, journal articles, and other sources where you can get more in-depth information.  The titles below are just a few examples of the electronic subject encyclopedias in the Gale Virtual Reference Library.  Click the larger link below to search across the entire Gale Virtual Reference Library.

Gale Virtual Reference Library/Gale eBooks

More Online Reference


PCC has a number of online reference databases that are great starting points for your research.  Here are a few suggested resources:

What about Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a free, online encyclopedia that contains articles about nearly any topic.  It may be tempting to use it as a resource for an assignment, but most instructors WILL NOT accept Wikipedia as an acceptable source.  Why not?  See the video below for the answer and for information on how Wikipedia can be useful in your research: