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Citing Sources: Headings, Figures and Tables

A guide to citing sources in MLA, APA, and Chicago format.

Headings in APA 7th edition

You may not need to use all of the Levels for the Headings, but if you are using Headings in a Student Style paper in APA 7th edition format, the illustration below shows how the Headings should appear:


Title of Paper

For the first page of text of your APA 7 Student Format paper, put your title in bold and centered near the top of the page and capitalize the major words in the title.  Indent the first line of each paragraph and double space your paper. The headings which appear bold and centered in your paper are called Level 1 headings, and the title of your paper is considered one of these Level 1 headings.

Even if you are writing your Introduction in the first few paragraphs, the APA 7 Student Format paper does not need you to write the wor­d “Introduction.”

Level 1 Heading for First Main Section After the Introduction

You may not be required to use headings in your paper, but if you do, you should have the major sections identified with Level 1 Style Headings.  Examples of Level 1 Headings could include your sections on Methods of Research or Results of your Research. Do not use the words “Level 1”. Simply use the words of your heading - for example Methods.

Level 2 Heading

The Level 2 Heading is for subsections of a Level 1 section.  You would only use the Level 2 Heading if you had multiple sub-sections of the Level 1 section.  The Level 2 Heading is flush with the margin and in bold.

Figures and Tables

In APA 7, the format is the same for Figures and Tables.  Any chart, diagram, illustration, photograph etc. which is not a Table is considered a Figure.  The elements in formatting will include:

  • The word Figure or Table with its number (in bold)
  • Description/Name of the Figure or Table (in italics)
  • If needed, you may include a Note (the word Note: is in italics, but the text of the note isn't in italics


Figure 1

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Note: You may include a note below the figure explaining the origin or to provide further information about the figure.