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Social Services: SSE 110-Introduction to Social Welfare

This guide assists students in finding information resources for Social Services.

Finding Journal Articles by Using Databases

You can also search the selected article databases below to find articles from magazines, newspapers, professional and scholarly journals and trade journals.

Keep in mind that you're looking for an article from a scholarly or academic journal.

Look for symbols like these to indicate articles from a scholarly or academic journal:



  • IMPORTANT:  When accessing the databases from off-campus, you will be asked to input your MyPima username and password.
  • Features:  You can print, email, and save articles from databases.
  • Limiters:  After your initial search, you may be able to limit your results by topic by using the SUBJECT HEADINGS.
  • Cite:  Most of the library databases include APA citations. If you use an article from a database, you can copy and paste the citation into your References page, but make sure they're complete and formated correctly.

Journals - Scholarly, Popular or Trade?

Different types of publications have different purposes and different audiences. When we talk about journals, we can usually divide these publications into three broad categories: scholarly, popular, and trade publications.


Purpose Informs and reports on original research done by scholars and experts in the field. Entertains and informs a general audience without providing in-depth analysis. Reports on industry trends and new products or techniques useful to people in a trade or business.
Authors Articles are written by subject specialists and experts in the field. Articles are written by journalists, freelance writers, or an editorial staff. Articles are written by specialists in a certain field or industry.
Audience Intended for a limited audience - researchers, scholars, and experts. Intended for a broad segment of the population, appealing to non-specialists. Intended for practitioners in a particular profession, business, or industry.

United States--Mexican Borderlands--Facing Tomorrow’s Challenges Through USGS Science

To access this free government ebook from the U. S. Geological Survey, click on the link below, then on a link called Report PDF.  (WARNING: it will take a long time for the PDF to load so be patient.)

To immediately access smaller PDFs of the individual chapters, use the links listed at the bottom of the webpage under Contents. It is recommended that users right-click and save the report to your desktop.