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POS 100 - Downtown (Qureshi): Country Information

Resources for: The International Issue Policy Paper

Click to see the box:



  • Open the database, click Intelligence Zone (top).
  • Then select Country Reviews.
  • Under Select Country, click the menu, and select.  Ex. Nigeria


Scroll down the left column. Click any section.

To cite a Country Review, use the following samples:


MLA style

Youngblood-Coleman, Denise. “Country Review: France.”,, 2022,

APA style

Youngblood-Coleman, D. (2022 edition). Country Review: France. (Geopolitical and Economic Background Review) Retrieved March 25, 2022, from

World Factbook

The World Factbook 

As expected, a compilation of facts about each country.

  • From the US Central Intelligence Agency
  • Open the website, then click Countries (top).
  • Scroll down Contents list.