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Resources for: The International Issue Policy Paper

A guide to researching your policy paper on an international issue.

So, you are writing a policy paper. . .

Notice the blue tabs above. Each one recommends places to search and gives basic directions.

Tips for success

  • Explore first! Explore various topics before you commit to one. Find something that interests you, something you want to say something about. Also, find some articles that give you background information on it.


  • Email it! When you find an interesting article, email it to yourself. The email will include the full text of the article and an MLA citation. Details vary for different databases, but look for a link that says Email or Share.


  • Get help! Two ways:
    • Contact Joe Brewer (I'm your class librarian). Search your PCC email for my name (Joe Brewer), then reply to one of my emails with your question. I will email back, or we can schedule consultation on Zoom.
    • Ask a question 24x7.  Our live chat service puts you in touch with a librarian within seconds. Go to the PCC Library home page. The chat module is on the right.  Type in a question and get going.