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POS 100 - Downtown (Qureshi): Choose a Topic

Resources for: The International Issue Policy Paper

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Google News

A user-friendly site for current news.

Google News

  • It aggregates news stories from various newspapers and news sites.
  • Evaluate your sources! They are not all equally good.
  • Open the website, and click World (left). 
  • Related stories are grouped together. Both CNN and Fox News report on the event below.

Click View Full Coverage. Then scroll down to For Context.

These stories give the larger background for understanding events.


Online Newspapers

Why read a single news source, rather than an aggregator?

  • The aggregator pulls isolated stories out of the context of their publications.
  • Over time, Google News give you more of what you like, which is fine. However, you don't know what you are missing!
  • Newspapers publish and arrange the stories that they report.
  • Individual newspapers have established reputations that you can rely upon

About newspapers with paywalls and newspapers in databases

  • A paywall means that most of a newspaper's content is blocked, unless you pay to subscribe. Some stories are free, but most are not available free on the web.  Selected stories maybe available via Google News.
  • The PCC Library pays for newspaper content in our databases. You will see "database" links below. Note that this content usually doesn't include the photos from the web site.

United States

United Kingdom

Newspapers by country:

  • Paperboy
    • Choose a country. See links to newspapers, some in English.
    • Remember: there are good and bad sites out there. Keep your eyes open, and evaluate their credibility.