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POS 100 - Downtown (Qureshi): Issues Databases

Resources for: The International Issue Policy Paper

Gale in Context: Global Issues

Gale in Context: Global Issues 

Explore issues and get background information. 

Open the database, and click Browse Issues (under the photo)

  • Browse all 600+ issues

    • Or click Topics: View All to focus on a subject.

Click an issue. Ex. China's Belt and Road Initiative. You will see the topic overview.


Below this is a table of contents.

  • Featured Content: recommended items
  • Viewpoints are authors writing to persuade. These are good for finding controversies and the arguments made about them.
  • Magazines are the easiest information for non-experts to absorb. Academic Journals are written by experts for experts, and they are highly credible.
  • Related Topics are very useful. See what you find.



Email articles to yourself! Each has an MLA citation at the bottom.

  • Click Send to (top of the article)