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PCC Library Guidelines and Policies: Home

Library Use

The Library is a shared space for study, research, reflection, learning and relaxation. Please treat fellow users and Library employees with respect and courtesy. Ensuring a pleasant and productive environment for all users requires that each user of the facility follow these guidelines:

  • Student academic work takes precedence over all other use of these facilities.

  • Disruptive behavior or behavior that can be interpreted as creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment will not be tolerated.

  • Mutilating library materials by marking, removing pages, removing binding, removing electronic theft devices or in any way injuring or defacing materials is not allowed. (ARS 13-1602)

  • Patrons must wear shoes, shirts, and attire appropriate for a public place.

  • Library areas may not be used for prolonged sleeping or as living quarters. (A.R.S 13-2905 Loitering)

Library users are responsible for personal belongings and should not leave textbooks, electronic devices, backpacks, and other valuable items unattended. 



Violators of these guidelines, the PCC Student Code of ConductPCC Administrative Procedures, or State or Federal regulations will be asked to leave the Library. If deemed necessary, College Police Officers will be called for assistance. Library staff members are authorized to interpret and apply these rules of patron behavior as the situation warrants.



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