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East Campus Library Makerspace

Welcome to East Campus



The East Campus Library Makerspace is a multidisciplinary, creative space designed to give PCC students access to creative technologies and materials. Makerspace staff are committed to working with students to enhance their technological literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills as well as supporting PCC faculty with project-based learning.

  Expectations for Makers

  • Users of the Makerspace agree to abide by PCC policies, the Student Code of Conduct andGiant 3D printed octopus state and federal laws, including copyright and intellectual property law.
  • When using the Makerspace, makers will use the log in station to log in and log out.
  • Safety is vital in the Makerspace. The space is an active workshop. If you are unsure, ask! Makerspace staff are on hand when the Makerspace is open. If you have any question about how to operate equipment or what materials are suitable, please ask a Makerspace staff before you proceed.
  • Follow all instructions of Makerspace staff and directions for equipment use. Failure to comply with safety rules and instructions from Makerspace staff may result in the loss of Makerspace privileges.
  • Many Makerspace technologies take time to master and time to use. Printing in 3D can take hours. Please plan accordingly.
  • Long hair or beards that could get caught in equipment should be pulled back.
  • Loose clothing and jewelry should not be worn near equipment with moving parts.
  • Report problems or broken equipment to Makerspace staff or email
  • Food is allowed in the classroom portion of the room but food must be contained and drinks must have lids.
  • There is no cost for materials in the Makerspace, but please be mindful to use up scraps before using fresh materials.
  • Using Makerspace equipment for commercial purposes or mass production is not allowed.
  • Support your fellow makers by sharing your knowledge and cleaning up after yourself.

Cool Origami

Colorful origami
Chicken sticker made with Cricut
Students working on designs
Perler projects
Laser cut earrings
Spook upcycled books
Students working on paper designs