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PSY 214 - West - Abnormal Psychology: Find Books

Abnormal Psychology

How Can I Get Books & Technology From the Library?

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Begin your research by seeing if there are any library books, e-books, or DVDs about your topic.

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Q: Where are most of the books on Abnormal Psychology in the Library?

A: In two major areas:  the RC435 - RC571 section (Psychiatry) and to a lesser extent the BF section (Psychology). 

Use the Catalog search above to locate specific sub-topics. Or, to really geek out browse the Library of Congress classification scheme for both areas here:

RC's (Internal Medicine) BF's (Psychology)


Tips for seaching the catalog:

  • USE simple words or short phrases, like "anxiety" or "stress disorder".
  • AVOID typing in long phrases. 
  • Limit your search to a specific campus or request books from another campus by clicking .
  • Request books from another campus by clicking

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