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ANT 112 - Downtown (James-Hernandez) Exploring Non-Western Cultures: Find Books

Why books?

Why use books?

Books may be useful when...

1. You want focused, in-depth information about a subject.  However, the depth to which a book covers your topic may vary.

NOTE: If you need general information about a topic, find a General Reference resource using the tab on the left.  If your research topic is very current, try finding articles instead, as books will not have the most current information.

Tutorial: Find Scholarly Books

Library of Congress Classification

The main call number section for Anthropology in the LC classification is GN:

G - Geography, Anthropology

G - Geography (General)
GA - Mathematical Geography, Cartography
GB - Physical Geography
GC - Oceanography
GE - Environmental Sciences
GF - Human Ecology
GN - Anthropology, Ethnology, Ethnography
GR - Folklore
GT - Manners and Customs
GV - Sports and Recreation

Search the Catalog

Begin your research by seeing if there are any library books, e-books, or DVDs about your topic.

Search the Library Catalog




Experiment with different search terms in Keyword searches. Combine a topic of interest with a focusing term.  Examples:

  • family anthropolog*
  • Mexico ethnolog*
When you find good results, notice the call numbers.  Often they group together, which means you can browse a section on the shelf for more books.

Tips for seaching the catalog:

    • USE simple words or phrases, like "mexican americans"
  • AVOID typing in long phrases. (See what happens when you type in "What are some developments in gene therapy research?")
  • Find books at a specific campus by clicking .
  • Or request books from another campus by clicking  .

eBook Collections

Ethnographies: Books that observe one culture

Use this series title Case studies in cultural anthropology to find books about various cultures.   

Use this series title Heritage library of African peoples to find books about African cultures

Keywords & Subject Headings

Search for information using keywords and subject headings.  Click on the links to search for these subjects in the catalog.

Hint: You can use the same keywords to find articles in our periodical databases.

Google E-books

If you can't find a specific book in the library, try searching Google's ebook collection.  It sometimes offers previews or full access to various ebooks online.