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Theater: Apps for Actors

This guide assists students in finding information resources for researching Theatre.

Script Rehearser App

SCRIPT REHEARSER allows you to learn lines/memorize dialog in a fun way."Learn lines from your script, speech or presentation. Used by actors, TV personalities, business people, public speakers and students.--


This FREE app is downloadable from Google Play.

  • Record your own voice or use theirs
  • Download a script or type it into a phone or tablet
  • Customize scripts with personal notes and stage directions
  • In beta right now and requires a bit more technical ability by the user

Rehearsal App (iPads & iPhones)

The Rehearsal Pro App (for iPads and iPhones) helps you to learn lines and study a script:

  •  Download an entire script (PDFs or Word attachments) 
  • Use a “blackout” mode to hide your lines, but not those of your scene partner
  • Highlight your lines, just like you would in a paper script (and highlight your scene partner's lines in a different color)
  • Record lines in an audio file--everyone's lines, only the lines of other actors, or both
  • Create text, audio or video comments in the script
  • Move the comments around to different places in the script
  • Email the script to another person
  • Not free--but reasonably priced