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Theater: Find Books

This guide assists students in finding information resources for researching Theatre.

PCC Library Books

Continue your research by finding books (videos, DVDs, etc.) about your topic.




Tips for seaching the catalog:

  • Use simple words or phrases, like "theater" or "Restoration comedy".
  • Avoid typing in long phrases--see what happens when you type in "What did Greek theaters look like?"
  • Limit your search to a specific campus by clicking .
  • Request books from another campus by clicking  .

 To search for works by a particular playwright:

  • In the dropdown menu above, change from a "Word" search to an "Author" search.  Type in the playwrights' last name first--such as Miller, Arthur or Ayckbourn, Alan.

To search for an individual play:

  • In the dropdown menu above, change to a "Title" seach and type in the title of the play.
  • You can also use the "Word" search pictured above by typing in the title of the play--some plays are published with others in an anthology or collection of plays.

To search for literary criticism:

  • In the dropdown menu, change to a "Subject" search and type in the name of the author (last name first).  In the list of results that appears, select the one that has author's name and the words "criticism and interpretation".  For example: OR


Looking for Plays (scripts)

If you just want to browse the plays we have:

  • you don't have a particular play
  • you don't have a particular playwright
  • you don't have a particular theatrical style or genre (Greek, comedy, one-acts, commedia, N¯o theatre, etc.)

Enter the word "plays" in the search box shown below.