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Nursing: Mental Health / Psychiatric Nursing

Use MedlinePlus to get an overview of a disorder

Use Online Reference Books to get an Overview of a Disorder

Use PCC Databases to Find Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

PsycARTICLES--specialized limiters

This database lets you limit to certain kinds of psychology articles:

  • Empirical studies (data was gathered and analyzed)
  • Literature reviews (research that describes and evaluates many previous studies on a topic)
  • (Explore other functions)

It also contains the journals published by APA, which are highly used by psychologists.


  1. Click Advanced Search
  2. To limit to literature reviews, scroll down to Methodology. From this menu, select Literature Review.
  3. (Alternatively, to find empirical studies, select Empirical Study instead.)
  4. Scroll up to the search boxes and enter your keywords. All of your results will be limited to either empirical articles or literature reviews.