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WRT 101 - West - Writing I: Researching Nonprofits

Identifying Nonprofits

Find a Nonprofit's Homepage


Search Google to locate your nonprofit organization's homepage.
From the homepage, you can research organization history, programs, news, and contact information.

Google Web Search

Find News about a Nonprofit

Find Nonprofit Financials

Citing Form 990s

How to cite an IRS form in MLA format. --Kris Swank, Librarian, NW Campus
Government. Department. Agency. "Document title." Web site title. Publisher/sponsor. Publication date. Medium. Date of Access.
United States. Department of Treasury. Internal Revenue Service. "2004 Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax (Form 990): American Cancer Society." 990 Finder. Foundation Center, 2006. Web. 14 October 2010.
(Make sure to double space your citations, and use the hanging indent. Technical limitations prohibit proper formatting here.)