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Transferring to The University of Arizona : Is Transferring Right For You?

While transferring is not as daunting as it may seem, it is important to consider all of the moving parts of the choice.


As a two year institution, Pima does not offer any bachelor's degrees directly. So, if your end goal is to graduate with your bachelor's or master's, transferring is a must. However, something to consider is whether or not a bachelor's or master's degree will make a difference in your career field. For some career paths, an associate's degree can be more than satisfactory. Looking into the specifics of how education level fits in to your career choice is an important first step in the process of transferring. 


Another important aspect to consider as you think about transferring is if you are ready for that commitment. Deciding to continue on for another two to three years of school is no small feat. As you contemplate if it is the right choice for you, it is important to prioritize the YOU part of that question. Have you been feeling burned out, tired of school, ready for a change, or unsure in your choice of degree or career? Any of these aspects can impact your transfer experience greatly and in some cases it can be worthwhile to take a break or make an adjustment. Burnout is very real and the expectations we set for ourselves or feel we must meet can make a certain choice feel like the only option. Taking the time to really listen to what YOU want and need will help you feel confident in your choice. 


It is important to understand if now is the right time to transfer. You can transfer at any time, but it is usually recommended to finish your Arizona General Education Curriculum or AGEC at PCC before transferring. The AGEC is basically the completion of the lower division education requirements for most Arizona universities. This means that a portion of your four year degree will already be completed upon transferring. It is important to note that the AGEC is not a degree and differs from an associate's degree. While the two are often completed in a similar duration, that is not always the case. If you do end up transferring with only your AGEC completed, if you do not finish your bachelor's degree, you will have no degree. For that reason, it can be worthwhile to finish your associate's degree before transferring. 


Figuring out your side of the choice to transfer is important, but it is also important to learn about the university. The University of Arizona is obviously the focus here, but that does not mean it is inherently the right choice. Take the time to look at other options and see if there is something that fits you better. If you do decide that UArizona is the best choice for you, there are a wealth of opportunities to learn about the university. Reaching out to the advisors for the program you are interested in is one way to learn more about your future program of study and even possibly tour the facilities where the majority of your classes will take place. Another option is taking a campus tour through the Arizona Ambassadors. This will give you a chance to see the campus, learn about housing options and get the perspective of an actual student. The Transfer Student Admissions web page also has a great selection of information about all of the aspects of transferring that can help you decide if it is the right choice for you.