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PCC Library Research Scholarship Award: Award Rubric

Award criteria

 PCC Library Award Rubric


This Award is designed to recognize and reward exemplary library research skills. Students submit a research paper or presentation that they have completed for a PCC course together with short reflections on three questions about their process. A panel of librarians review the submissions, looking for evidence of excellent research skills and strong information literacy. Information literacy is one of PCC’s General Education Learning Outcomes and an information literate student possesses important skills to succeed both in and out of the classroom.



Accomplished (2 points)

Proficient (1 point)

Paper or Presentation

Synthesizes and integrates information sources.

Uses relevant information sources to support thesis.

Correctly cites information in text.

Uses information sources to write in a “patchwork” fashion, does not synthesize sources.

Includes a mix of relevant and less relevant sources.

Lacks sources to strengthen thesis.

Inconsistent in-text citations.

Bibliography or Works Cited

Correctly and consistently follows a citation style and formatting.

Includes an appropriate variety of sources. 

Follows a citation style and formatting with some errors or inconsistencies.

Sources are somewhat repetitive (e.g. all newspaper articles or all from a single perspective.)

How did you use library tools or resources to make your project stronger?

Uses multiple tools such as catalog, databases or MegaSearch discovery for finding information.

Uses resources such as collections or services (books, articles, films, Ask a Librarian, Research consultations.)

Uses one or fewer Library tools or resources to find information.

Omits appropriate tools or resources.

Information Literacy is defined as the ability to know when there is a need for information, to be able to identify, find, evaluate, and effectively and responsibly use that information for the problem at hand. How did you demonstrate your information literacy with this project?

References parts of the research process such as refining topics, selecting keywords, changing directions in light of new information, or persistence and initiative in accessing sources..

Discusses the evaluation of sources, including criteria for evaluation.

Indicates an understanding of the responsible use of information.

Does not describe, or only describes in an incomplete way, steps in the research process.

Displays awareness of evaluation criteria but is vague or incomplete in discussion.

Indicates only a partial or incomplete understanding of the responsible use of information.

Describe the research assignment and how your project met or exceeded the requirements?


In describing assignment requirements, indicates an understanding of the information and types of sources needed. Articulates the elements of the research project that meet or exceed the requirements.

Student does not clearly describe assignment requirements or does not seem to understand the information required to meet or exceed expectations. 

Student's research project does not seem to fully meet the assignment requirements. Answer is incomplete or vague.