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PCC Library Research Scholarship Award: 2020 Winners

Winners of the first PCC Library Research Award


Shauna Elledge

Shauna submitted her paper on gingival recession for Dental Hygiene 101. In her essays describing her process, she noted her use of Library databases to find relevant, evidence based references for her paper. She also noted the helpfulness of the databases and the librarians in figuring out how to correctly use the unfamiliar-to-her APA citation style.

Sarah Gjertsen

Sarah submitted a paper on activist and politician, Harvey Milk, written for her Writing 102 class. She effectively used both primary and secondary sources in her paper. She cited a speech given by Harvey Milk and language from a contemporary activist manifesto as well as bringing in articles and memoirs that analyzed and reflected upon Milk’s contributions after the fact. In her essays, Sarah described her use of Library search tools to find the resources to help her understand and focus her topic. 

Rachel Gravina

Rachel submitted a paper from her Writing 102 class on the inclusion of magical realism and political critique in the works of two selected authors. In her essays, she discussed a helpful  class session with a librarian, her use of subject specific databases relevant to her topic, and her efforts to evaluate the information she found using several criteria such as date, publisher and scope. She talked about the importance of not losing focus and of keeping your topic manageable.

Emma Laehn

Emma’s paper on genomic editing as a means of self selected human evolution for her Writing 102 class included a comprehensive annotated bibliography of a rich variety of sources that she consulted. Her essays detailed her thoughtfulness about the importance of using different information sources for different purposes and discussed the Library tools she used to meet her information needs.

Emily Pimental

Emily submitted a paper on trickster fairy tales written for her Literature 280 course. Despite the fact that her assignment did not require the use of numerous sources outside of her course text, Emily made good use of Library resources to understand the research process and to develop her information literacy. In her essays, she explains how the Library’s tutorials helped her to develop her topic and identify keywords for her search. She also discussed her iterative process of narrowing down her choices based on relevance to her topic.