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WRT 102- Downtown -Research Scavenger Hunt: Opposing Viewpoint

Directions from Assignment

Using the Internet, Opposing Viewpoints in Context*or any other database

  • Find source that shows an opposing viewpoint to your position in your essay. 

  • Use the Source Evaluation Checklist to to analyze the quality, bias, and appropriateness of the source. Respond to the questions to write a paragraph. Be sure to include a quote that captures the main idea of the source and cite it properly in MLA format. This paragraph is your annotation. 

  • Use the Citation Tool in the database to generate an MLA style citation. 

  • Will you include this in your final draft of your essay or works cited?

* If you can't find an opposing viewpoint that works for you in Opposing Viewpoints in Context, try our other controversial issue databases, Points of View Reference Center and/or CQ Researcher

Finding an Opposing Viewpoint

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