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SSE 110 (Online) - Journal Research Article: Get Started

This guide is designed to assist students in SSE 110 (Online) in locating a research article from a social welfare journal.

Journal Research Article Assignment


This research guide is designed to assist you in locating a research article from a social welfare journal.  Don't worry--I'm happy to help if you need more assistance, and my contact information is in the box below that says "Your Librarian".  You can contact me directly by email, phone, or we can meet virtually through Google Meet.


Click on the tabs above for the following:

  • The Assignment - a brief review of the assignment to find a journal research article.
  • Popular vs. Scholarly Sources - an explanation of a scholarly/academic/peer-reviewed source (like a journal) and how it's different from a popular source (like a magazine).
  • The Basics - an explanation of the 2 main methods of finding a journal article.
    • Big Search - explains how to do a broad search for an article using MEGASearch, then determine if an article comes from a social welfare journal.
    • Smaller Search - explains how to locate an individual database first, then locate an article, then determine if it comes from a social welfare journal.
  • Citing Sources - help with citing your sources

Your Librarian

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Rosanne Couston

Office: Northwest Campus, #C309

Phone: 520-206-7086