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ART 105 - West (Miller) Public Art in Tucson: Murals, Downtown

Your Public Art Research Guide

You Can Use the Public Art Map to Find Art All Around Tucson

Jessica Gonzalez

151 N. Stone Avenue, On "The Little One" restaurant

"Let the Light In", near the corner of Scott and Congress


Tucson Murals Project Website

Jessica Gonzales Painted 13 Beautiful Murals at the New Hotel McCoy

Karlito Miller Espinosa aka Mata Ruda

"Sonora" Mural, Historic Y Building 300 W. University


5 Striking Murals and Their Backstories

Mata Ruda

Amir H. Fallah

On the side of the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) Building, 265 S Church Avenue


Amir H. Fallah

Art & Life with Amir H. Fallah

Rock Martinez


West Cushing St and Avenida del Palo Fierro


with Christina Perez "Goddess of Agave (Cactus People)" Corner of 6th Street and 7th Avenue


How Tucson Artist Rock Martinez Evovled from Tagger to Muralist

Old Pueblo Muralist Rock "Cyfi" Martinez on Graffiti Culture in 2017 and the Dismal Glint of Celebrity

Arizona Illustrated news segment which shows Agave Goddess

Ignacio Garcia


4th Avenue near 8th Street

6th and Congress Street

Rialto Theater, Congress Street


The Making of a Mural: What's in the Works for Downtown Tucson

Ignacio Garcia

Joe Pagac

534 N. Stone Avenue

601 N Stone Avenue, Cirrus Visual printing and design building 

"Harboring Beauty" 191 E. Toole

Rialto Theater

Borderlands Brewing mural


Meet the Muralist Joe Pagac

Tucson Artists Sees the Big Picture

Joe Pagac website