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November is Native American Heritage Month: Welcome!

American Indian literary and film resources

Native American Heritage Month

There are currently 574 Federally recognized tribes throughout the United States. Tribal Nations are in what is known as the policy era of self-governance yet Tribal Nations are still fighting for recognition, sovereignty, and treaty recognition. This November, let's be mindful that American Indians/Alaskan Natives do not only exist in the past and they are very much a part of every great state in our Nation. This libguide was created to bring together and highlight many of the library resources we have that pertain to American Indians & Alaskan Natives and American Indian Studies. 

Tribes of Arizona

Arizona is home to 22 Federally recognized tribal nations

The city of Tucson got its name from the Tohono O'odham word, Schook-shon which means at the foot of black hill.


This Land Podcast

Hosted by Native author/activist, Rebecca Nagle (Cherokee)

About the podcast: an 1839 assassination of a Cherokee leader and a 1999 murder case – two crimes nearly two centuries apart provide the backbone to a 2020 Supreme Court decision that determined the fate of five tribes and nearly half the land in Oklahoma.

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