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CSA 100 - Online - Computer Software Applications: ABC Web Resource Evaluation

ABC Web Evaluation Google Form Link

Three steps to complete for this exercise: 

  1. Go through the ABC Website Evaluation exercise video. (below)
  2. Go onto the internet and locate two different websites on a COMPUTER TOPIC  that you would like to evaluate using the ABC rubric. (examples: computer graphics; cyber security)
  3. When you've selected your two websites, select this ABC Website Evaluation Google Form Link (Select here) to conduct your ABC website evaluation and fill out the form*.

*After you have completed the ABC Web Evaluation Google Form, your responses will be automatically collected and sent to your instructor. 

ABC Website Evaluation Video

What about Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a free, online encyclopedia that contains articles about nearly any topic.  It may be tempting to use it as a resource for an assignment, but keep in mind that your instructor WILL NOT accept wikipedia as an acceptable source. 

Why?  Wikipedia entries can be edited by anyone that has access to a computer and creates a wikipedia account.  This often compromises the quality of information that may appear in Wikipedia entries. The last thing you want to do is to use false information in your assignments.