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CMN 102 - Northwest - Fall 2019: Research Management

Track Research & Get Pre-Fab Citations

  • Click here to see two examples of managing and evaluating research sources.

  • Although PCC Librarians no longer recommend EasyBib officially, it can still be useful for generating citations:

Managing Group Research

When working on a group assignment, it's important to agree on how research data will be stored and shared.

For this class, I recommend using Google Drive. Google Drive has a set of writing, math, and presentation tools available to anyone with a Gmail account or a Pima e-mail address. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • One member of your team will need to create the Google Doc, making them the 'owner.' However, every member of the group should be given permission to edit the document. Click the "How to Share Files in Google Drive" link on the right for detailed instructions on giving permissions.
  • Use one Google Doc (a text-based file on Google Drive) to keep a list of relevant sources. Click here to see an example file.
  • Use the Comment feature in your Google Doc to have discussions about sources and presentation ideas. To leave a comment, click "Insert," then "Comment" in the main document menu.
  • Unsure how to do something in Google Drive? Click here for free tutorials.