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Image Resources from PCC: Stock Images


images courtesy: Britannica ImageQuest

Image Database Subscriptions at PCC

Images Reflecting Diversity (list assembled by Liz Yata at OE Global Connect)

More Stock Images from the Web

Pics4 Learning

  • Images free to use in educational settings.

Jopwell Collection

  • Images of young working people of color
  • Images can be downloaded, copied and displayed freely as long as the website is credited.


  • All content can be used for free for commercial and noncommercial use across print and digital. 
  • Some downloads require registration, others do not.
  • Attribution is not required.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a group of licenses which enable use of many online images, videos, music and other digital materials. It is a great resource for academic institutions as most works covered by the license allow for use in an educational setting without the need to contact the copyright holder. There is also a Creative Commons license that allows use for any purpose.  Note that when using a work covered by Creative Commons you must always credit the work.

To search for images covered by Creative Commons licenses use the CC Search

Flickr: Creative Commons is particularly good for stock Images

Go straight to searching The Flickr Commons