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REA 091 - Desert Vista - Condit: Illustration: Local Social Agency Information

An Example: Locating Information on Social Agency

There are many local and national social agencies in Tucson.  One of those agencies is Ben's Bells.

To locate information on Ben's Bells, the student can follow these steps:

1.  Is there a website for Ben's Bells?   Yes, there is.  Go to the website to see there is any useful information on the organization's history or current  activites locally.       

2.  After checking to see if there is a website, go to the Pima databases listed below to see if any articles have been published.

3.  Once you locate the articles, create citations for them to use in your bibliography..  Some of the articles help you by providing the MLA citation under the "Tools" selection to the right side of the page; however, not all the databases offer this assistance.

Ben's Bells (Courtesy of Pima County Library)