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WRT 101 - Desert Vista - Controversial Issues: Researching Your Assignment: Step Four

Researching Your Assignment: Step Four--Good and Bad Examples from the Internet

From the Overview of

", a 501(c)(3) nonprofit nonpartisan public charity, provides professionally-researched pro, con, and related information on more than 50 controversial issues from gun control and death penalty to illegal immigration and alternative energy. Using the fair, FREE, and unbiased resources at, millions of people each year learn new facts, think critically about both sides of important issues, and strengthen their minds and opinions. 

Founded on July 12, 2004, our innovative educational website has become the country’s leading source for nonpartisan information and civic education. We serve more than 25 million people each year, including students and teachers in more than 9,000 schools in all 50 states and 90 foreign countries. Journalists have referenced in over 2,500 articles. Additionally, 34 US state governments, 17 US state departments of education, 23 foreign governments, and 22 US federal agencies have cited materials. (See our TrafficMetricsMedia, and Teachers' Corner pages for more information.) "


"Sanctuary Cities: Top Three Pros and Cons.” ProConorg Headlines,, 6 Dec. 2016,, Date Accessed:  Nv. 4, 2017.