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WRT 101 - Desert Vista - Controversial Issues: Researching Your Assignment: Step One

Researching Your Assignment: Step One--Database Article Published After 2005

For your assignment, you are asked to locate the following materials and anaylze them according to the checklist provided by your instructor:

(1) Using the Pima databases, find an article published after 2005 related to your topic:

STRATEGY:  Log onto the Pima databases, go to Articles & Databases, select the subject: Controversial Issues and research your topic in the following databases according to your instructions .  After you locate your article, follow the instructions to generate either an APA or MLA works cited or bibliography, based on the citation provided in the article.                                                                                                                                       

EXAMPLE OF AN ARTICLE:  Choosing "sanctuary cities" as the topic and typing it in the search bar of Opposing Viewpoints in Context,  a number of articles are listed following the search, including the following link:               Sanctuary Cities Do Not Guarantee Safety for Immigrants  (2017)

(2) To the right side of this article are Tools, including the citation tool.  Select the citation tool with the MLA 8 format, and a citation will be generated for you that you can copy and paste:


Kotlowitz, Alex. "Sanctuary Cities Do Not Guarantee Safety for Immigrants." Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection, Gale, 2017. Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Accessed 4 Nov. 2017. Originally published as "The Limits of Sanctuary Cities," The New Yorker, 23 Nov. 2016.

There are also other databases to choose from that are broader in scope.  Some of these are the following: